Thursday, 30 June 2011


This post is the first of its kind on my blog; not an outfit post, just a "what I did with my day" sort of ramble.
It was my stepdad's birthday yesterday (the 29th, in case of time zone differences!)and I was supposed to be at college, but out of sheer coincidence, my alarm didn't ring in the morning, and so I overslept and didn't end up going in at all. How convenient, seeing as when my parents got home from shopping and picking my little brother up from town, I was prepared to go out- practically begging to go out, seeing as I was bored out of my mind!

We went to dinner at Rancho's Steakhouse, in Southampton, and I've got to say, the place is a total violation of pretty much everything I believe in! It's got cow skins up on the wall, on the backs of chairs, and a very limited selection of food if you're vegetarian. But I'm not yet, and so I actually had the chance to sample the food they pride themselves on- only to find out that it's all actually rather yum. We ordered the ribs, nachos, and chili con carne for starters, and they do the best ribs I have ever tasted- and this coming from someone that isn't even a fan of ribs! The chili con carne was more like soup, but I was feeling in a ~soupy~ mood, so it was fine. The nachos were practically gone by the time I'd left the restroom, so I can't quite comment on them, except the dip that came with them was totally lush! (By the way, the restrooms in there are amazing. Immaculately clean, and so stylish! Personally, I thought the restrooms put the rest of the place to shame, ha!)

For our main courses, we all had very different dishes, and I've got to say, I've never enjoyed mushrooms and spinach that much before! The chicken could have been better, but it was definitely above average- I think, though, that the place's forte is steak. Both my parents ordered variants of steak, and they both really thought it was well cooked to their liking. I think that was the main idea- I wanted them to have an amazing time, and I think they did.

I think the highlight of the evening was my mum asking my stepdad how his new belt felt, and my stepdad responding with, "~belty~". That sounds like an awful highlight, but I suppose it was one of those "you had to be there" moments, you know?

Ever had any "you had to be there" moments? What were they? Let me know!

Friday, 24 June 2011

how the hell am I supposed to leave?

Am I the only one that goes into shop sales and starts sorting out all the clothing that's in the wrong place, replacing clothes onto hangers and shelves off the floor? Because that's exactly what I did at H&M's massive sale. Really. I just sorted stuff out.
I initially went in to look around at things I could buy my mum for her birthday on the 9th, but ended up spending about £25 on myself. Whoopsie daisy! I did buy her some nice jewellery that I hope she'll like, as well as a bunch of other bits and bobs from different places. Went into Dorothy Perkins too, as that's her favourite high street store, and got her a few bits from in there. Hopefully she'll love them!

I bought this jumpsuit at H&M, in the sale, for £10. It was the last one in my size, too, so I was dead chuffed! But it was the only one on the rack that didn't have the sale tag on it- and I'm always paranoid about things like that as I get all flustered when asking about things and whether they're on the sale or not, etc. But I did it anyway; very proud of myself, of course!

Do let me know what kind of sale shopper you are, though- are you vindictive and relentless in your hunt for a bargain? Or do you sort out other peoples' messes?!

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