Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sun sun sun.

Hey babies. Just a whole bunch of photographs for you today. I like the way these turned out, even though I'm extremely self conscious of my body. They're a-okay.
I've had this dress for nearly a year now, and this is the first time I've worn it out... I only just took the tags off this last night! It's been sunny and pretty warm here (twenty degrees today!) and so I figured I'd wear it finally to college. It has a bothersome lack of back coverage, and I'm unfortunately unable to go totally backless, so I figured a simple black bandeau top (Primark!) would do the trick. I think it was alright, really.

Anyway, sorry about the annoying formatting between portrait and landscape photographs... I'm still working on figuring out little details like that. On to the photos!
Lace shirt = vintage || maxi dress = Eyelight boutique || wedge slippers = Nike || backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins) || watch = Tissot || rings = vintage, eBay, H&MDorothy Perkins, various assortment || mixed metals necklace = New Look || insect necklace = gifted || long wrapped green necklace = gifted (originally Dorothy Perkins) || Ethiopian opal necklace = 18th birthday present from my parents || on my lips = Revlon's "Wine Not" || on my nails = Collection 2000's "Fire Engine" + Beauty UK's matte top coat


Friday, 23 March 2012

Hot like Mexico.

Aloha, cuties. It's been the warmest day of the year so far, with the temperature hitting a high of about seventeen or eighteen degrees this afternoon on the south coast. So, in true British fashion, I did what everyone else in the country does on a hot day- go all summery and wear bright colours and minimal clothing. Only I'm not too comfortable with entirely minimal clothing, so here's my take on dressing for the summer.

Shirt, crop top = thrifted
Shorts = DIY thrifted
Backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins)
Tights = Primark
Chelsea Boots = eBay
Statement silver collar necklace = Primark
Other necklaces = Topman, from my parents on my 18th
Now I'm just sitting in my conservatory and attempting to de-stress. All your lovely posts are helping with that.

See you soon, babies! 

- Anshika


Monday, 19 March 2012

Double denim.

Aloha. I was feeling decidedly retro today and felt like a nineties throwback was in order. So I got out my fleece-lined denim jacket and paired it with my usual DIY vintage denim shorts.

Shirt, shorts = vintage
Denim jacket = thrifted (originally River Island)
Tights = Primark (and they're ripped already ;( )
Cropped bralette = Primark
Chelsea boots = eBay
Wooden cross necklace = eBay
Wrapped green stone necklace = Dorothy Perkins
Long vine earring = Primark (SUCH a bargain, ugh- it was £4!)
On my lips = Collection 2000's "Ruby Red"

Just a quick post tonight, cuties. I've had ridiculous deadlines today and it was no fun, but at least it's one less subject to worry about! A media deadline this Thursday, and then I'm pretty much sorted with most of my coursework. I can't wait; I can't believe college is nearly done. Just a couple more months to go, and I'm a free woman. Sort of. Of course, I'll have to find myself a job, finally. Bleugh. But I'm looking forward to the financial independence (re: buying stupid amounts of clothes). 

Anyway, hope you've had a not-too-gloomy Monday, babies. See you in my next post!

- Anshika


Sunday, 18 March 2012


Hey beauties.

I'm still awaiting that remote control, but in the mean time, I played a (not so fun) game of tag with my camera and settled for self-timer to get these shots. That's also why they're pretty rubbish in comparison to some of my older photos. Also, I've been eating horribly over the last few months, and doing no exercise because it's so ridiculously cold, so I've put on silly amounts of weight, and it shows- especially in these photographs. I'm really hoping to start getting a bit more exercise in once the weather begins to get warmer so that I can go back to my original, relatively healthy weight.

Glittery shirt, coat, backpack, belt = vintage
Skater dress = New Look
Chelsea boots = eBay
Watch = Chopard
This was just what I wore the other day to college; I've had the glittery shirt for a while, but never worn it out as it's super short and pretty clingy- something a full-chested girl should really stay away from! But after putting on this plain navy skater dress I bought just the day before, I needed something to glam it up a bit with... and the sparkly top seemed like just the thing! I wore it tucked into my favourite belt to make the whole thing a bit more high-waisted- although in hindsight, I probably should've worn it tucked out, really. My short torso doesn't deal well with high-waisted anything.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have my remote control thingy soon so that I can be snap happy much more efficiently. Until then, wrap up and stay safe, cuties.

- Anshika


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Snippets, and some news.

Hi, cuties. I have a couple of little snippets of outfit posts (and a much required puppy-pic) that didn't quite make it on here because they're all out of focus and just generally not-so-great quality.... but I'm waiting to receive a remote control in the post for my camera, until which time proper outfit photos look a little bit undo-able. Sorry!

Burgundy velvet top, black velvet skirt = vintage
Necklaces = Topman, 18th birthday present, vintage
Watch = Nike
Belt = vintage

Dress = vintage
Spike cuff = New Look

Keisha + Leia
My ridiculously cute babas doing wake-up cuddles in my bed.
Also, I have news! I'm starting up a Youtube channel. More on this soon, so watch this space!

- Anshika


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