Thursday, 29 November 2012

Winter inspo.

A whole bunch of different textures, lots of black, and a slightly painful slide into a more unhealthy state of mind.


digging up diamonds by kirstin kerr on Flickr.
kirstin kerr


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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Twelve and photoheavy.

I haven't been out much lately, and whenever I have I've been too busy/unable/forgotten to take photos of what I've been wearing- not that it's been anything terribly fancy anyway. But last night I took pupsicle #1 for a walk, and dug out my vintage 550's just to have something easy to chuck on. Bad move on my part, since I discovered how not warm denim is upon leaving the house, and how not warm the weather was outside. They did make for the perfect lounging-around-in bottoms, though- despite the fact that they couldn't be further from stretchy. Anyway, I threw on a couple of different layers with them, and when I got back I got snap happy with my webcam. (I would use my proper camera, but it's a pain to edit such large files- plus, it ain't as though the lighting's anything special either!) Anyway, enough with my rambling, and on to the photos- all the details of where things are from will be at the bottom of this post, as per usual.

Camouflage tank top, sweatshirt, Levi's = thrifted
Ankh + yin/yang necklaces, nose hoops, black crop top = eBay
Embellished crop top = DIY/boutique
Faux fur vest = gifted (originally from Dorothy Perkins)
Leather jacket = Next
On my lips = Wet 'N' Wild's "Cherry Bomb"


Friday, 31 August 2012

I can go places nobody else goes.

Hi cuties! It was really hot when I took these photographs (maybe a week and a half ago?) and so I wore just a crop top with a little skirt, and my new shoes from eBay. It's funny because it was boiling that day and I couldn't even stand to go outside to take pictures, but tonight, when I'm writing this, the temperature's down to about 6°- freak weather!
Anyway, hope you enjoy these- and the GIF too. I've had an awful lot of spare time recently.

Crop top - New Look
Skirt - thrifted + DIY
Shoes - eBay
Till next time!
- Anshika


Thursday, 5 July 2012

glow in the dark arrow in the heart

Polka dot crop top = DIY
High-waisted yellow slouchy trousers = thrifted
Choker = gifted (but from Dorothy Perkins! + DIY'd)
On my lips = Rimmel London's "Exaggerate" lipliner in #064 "Obsession" + Revlon's  #015 "Grape"
Heels = thrifted

Just a quick one today, darlings. I made this crop top from an old dress that I didn't really wear any more (and another, but maybe that'll feature here some other time!) so all in all, I'd reckon it's a pretty good deal. I just went for it and hacked off the bottom haphazardly since I wasn't exactly going to wear the dress as it was anyway. I think it worked out okay! And way better than paying some £30 odd quid for Topshop/AA crop tops, right? That's what I thought. Until next time, babies. 

 - Anshika


Friday, 18 May 2012

I've been trying not to notice.

Gkjhdfglskjga! It's been far, far too long for me to come back and say "oh, oops, sorry!" and well, for that, I'm sorry. Really. I have exams coming up soon (like, really soon) and things have been a bit crazy recently. I've been taking photographs as and when I've been able to/have had enough energy to, but been either too lazy or too unmotivated or too busy to actually make posts with them. So instead, I figured I'd post a couple of my outfits (and some photographs I took for fun, of course!) that I've been wearing over the past month that just didn't make it onto this blog.

Everything thrifted

Black lace shirt = vintage
Black bodycon skirt = Internacionale
Watch = Nike

Jumper, shorts = thrifted
Watch = Chopard
Rings = India, stepdad's

Sons of Anarchy t-shirt = stepdad's
Black disco pant dupes = India

Blouse = TK Maxx
Skirt = vintage + DIY
Necklace = Accessorize
Watch = Tissoni
Ring = H&M

Coat = thrifted
Jumper = Primark (I think!)
Dress (worn as tunic, just about visible) = H&M
Black disco pant dupes = India

Bomber jacket = vintage
Top = TK Maxx
Black jumpsuit = New Look
Nude strappy heels = India
Backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins)
Turband = ASOS

Oversized shirt = vintage
Backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins)
Black bodycon skirt = H&M
Chelsea boots = eBay

Phew! There you are, then, beauties. All done. Lots of outfits, but still not nearly enough considering how long it's been since I've updated this ruddy thing.

I have a proper outfit post coming up in the next couple of days, although I can't promise to be very regular right now what with all the revision stress currently ongoing.

See you soon, cuties!


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sun sun sun.

Hey babies. Just a whole bunch of photographs for you today. I like the way these turned out, even though I'm extremely self conscious of my body. They're a-okay.
I've had this dress for nearly a year now, and this is the first time I've worn it out... I only just took the tags off this last night! It's been sunny and pretty warm here (twenty degrees today!) and so I figured I'd wear it finally to college. It has a bothersome lack of back coverage, and I'm unfortunately unable to go totally backless, so I figured a simple black bandeau top (Primark!) would do the trick. I think it was alright, really.

Anyway, sorry about the annoying formatting between portrait and landscape photographs... I'm still working on figuring out little details like that. On to the photos!
Lace shirt = vintage || maxi dress = Eyelight boutique || wedge slippers = Nike || backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins) || watch = Tissot || rings = vintage, eBay, H&MDorothy Perkins, various assortment || mixed metals necklace = New Look || insect necklace = gifted || long wrapped green necklace = gifted (originally Dorothy Perkins) || Ethiopian opal necklace = 18th birthday present from my parents || on my lips = Revlon's "Wine Not" || on my nails = Collection 2000's "Fire Engine" + Beauty UK's matte top coat


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