Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My immaculate dream~

Ten cool points for whoever knows where/what the title is from!~

Everything here (apart from the wedges- they're way old from when I was still in India!) has been purchased to support some sort of charity; the shirt is from the PDSA charity shop local to where I live, and the jacket/cardigan and skirt are both from the lovely Second Chance Dog Rescue Charity, who hosted an open day event last Sunday.

It was such a treat, with lots of adorable mutts milling about with their doting owners (or shall I say "their humans"?), with music and food (that we didn't actually sample, as we were saving ourselves for the Thai festival in town which promised delicious delicacies- more on that in a moment, though!). It was just such a fun little shindig to go to, and definitely the sort of thing I want to do more often. It wasn't even so much about the clothing I bought (even though any money raised goes straight to the darling dogs!) but just the atmosphere of the place. You know you're at home when you can look about you and spot people simply mad about their pooches, just like yourself. Unfortunately (or fortunately...) I was so engrossed in cooing over all the gorgeous doglets around, I completely forgot to take any photographs, even though I had my camera right with me! Oh well- hopefully I'll have more opportunities to go to events like that in the future that I can document properly!

After the open day, we dropped the puplet home, and after a quick cuddle and feeding, drove off to the Thai festival I previously mentioned. I cannot begin to explain what an intense riot of colours, sights, smells, and sounds it was; definitely something to experience. I've found that Southampton's pretty brilliant when it comes to multiculturalism- there's an Indian mela (fair) that takes place every year, I think, at the same Hoglands Park that the Thai festival was hosted at- and so you're never short of opportunities to experience little tasters of other cultures. I haven't been to the mela yet, however I believe it's on some time within the next two weeks, and I'm definitely looking forward to going to that!

Can you believe that they actually had a "Miss Thai Southampton" beauty pageant at the festival!?

I can't say I was a massive fan of Thai food, which is slightly weird, considering I totally adore Chinese food, and I think the two are pretty similar, really. Oh well, each to his own!

This is turning out to be a massive post, but we just did so much that Sunday! I loved every second of it. When we got home, mum and I did a bit of gardening and sprucing up the front garden, and it made us even more exhausted, but there was something very peaceful and soothing about planting flowers and just generally tending the garden. I think I'll be trying my hand at more gardening at some point! Also, I got a few photographs from the activity, so overall, it was absolutely worth it.

Let me know how your weekend went! Did you do anything exciting? What did you get up to? I'd love to hear all about it.




  1. Beautiful outfits in a beautiful setting. You look lovely :).

    Helen, X

  2. I love your skirt and your garden looks lovely! Is that your puppy?! So cute! xoxoxoo

  3. Your skirt is beautiful and that is one pretty dog!

  4. Thai festival sounds brilliant! You look lovely, really like your skirt :) xx

  5. I really love the skirt you're wearing!

  6. Nice fotos, I like your outfit because it is so clean but pretty, especially that skirt is beautiful :)

    I now have over 1000 reader via google, so I think I will go out for a meal today, just like a gift for myself ^^ :*

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    follow me back? will be so lucky:)

    will come back soon :)

  8. Very nice skirt and pics!!!! Love!
    If you want, you can follow :-) I will come again :-)

  9. I like your skirt
    Great photos
    Very cool blog



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