Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Awful webcam photographs.

But it was too dark when I got home from college to take proper photographs anyway, and also it was super rainy. But this is what I wore today, and I must admit: I am in love with this outfit!

Coat, shirt, ankle boots, bag = vintage
Tights = Marks & Spencer's
Watch = Nike
Earring = DIY

Admittedly, I should have probably worn not-suede boots with this, but I only bought them yesterday, and they're too gorgeous to resist! They got a bit soaked in the rain on my way home, but I was wearing tights and two pairs of socks under them, so my feet stayed relatively warm and dry, surprisingly enough!

What's your go-to rainy-day outfit?



  1. gorgeous! that coat is fab!

    my go-to rainy-day outfit? tracksuit pants, uggs and a massive sweater. not very cute!

  2. nice blog!
    i like your outfits



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