Saturday, 18 February 2012

A little in the groove.

Hi babies- this is kind of a funny post, and not in the ha-ha way. My sleep pattern is all kinds of wrecked, and I'm not completely myself at the moment; I have only myself to blame for this, though. Sigh.

I went into town today and saw Equi (ain't she just the prettiest? She manages to look attractive even when pulling a silly face... and then there's dopey ol' me!) for a girly day out- or, well, our version of one anyway. We sat in Starbucks for two hours and didn't even notice how much time had passed while we caught up after a super duper long time. Trawled into shop after shop after shop all afternoon and evening long, until I was absolutely and utterly beat. Going shopping with this girl is the equivalent to a good, long workout. Anyway, on to the good stuff- photos!

When I got home, I decided it was about time I started to experiment with the Canon EOS 600D that my parents gave me for my eighteenth a couple of weeks ago. The image quality on this baby is sdkfsdfbeautiful. As much as I adore and am used to my old Sony hybrid, this one's a real step up, and it shows- I'm so grateful.
I was feeling inspired (as I so often do after a massive bout of retail therapy) and got a little snap-happy. Not too shabby for such an impromptu set-up, huh?

This beige flapper-style dress is just the loveliest thing ever. It's a plain cotton/jersey blend (I think!) floaty dress, but attached all over with strings upon strings reminiscent of those you find disguised as tassles on the ends of curtain ties. Am I making any sense? Oh, this is hard to explain. You get the idea though, right!? It's just a really unique little garment that I haven't seen the likes of before (or not in the past two decades anyway!)- and along with the slightly shimmery beige/gold colour this baby's just plain dreamy.  

Silver Indian anklets joined to form a neckthing = India, obviously (These were made for me when I was just a little'un, from what I can recall.)
Infinity symbol necklace = vintage
Stone necklace = Ethiopian opal pendant that my parents gave me for my eighteenth (I barely take this beauty off any more- ugh, I love it so much.)
(Invisible) Spike and triangle long necklaces = Topman
On my lips (throughout this post) = Revlon's "Wine Not" (I think I've found my favourite lipstick, you guys. This is it- true love.)
Black jumper = vintage
Denim cutoffs = DIY from vintage jeans
Red string cross bracelet = eBay
(Ignore gross thighs, please.)
Suedette flatforms! My new babies. (H&M - £24.99)
Slightly pricey for what they are, but I've been lusting after a pair ever since I saw them on Lily's blog, and I was paying for everything via a gift card from my birthday, so I thought this was my chance to finally nab a pair when Equi happened to spot them. (Thank you, cutie.)
You can't really see it here, and I had a super hard time photographing it in artificial light, but I'm wearing a velvet ruched skirt I bought today from H&M too. I accidentally picked up a size too small, and thought I'd definitely have to return it since it's not even the tiniest bit stretchy, but it just about fits me, and come summer, by which time I'm hoping to be down to this size like I used to be, it won't be a problem. I do hope this isn't just optimistic, wishful thinking.

The heels I'm wearing with the beige dress are my brogue-front vintage ones that are years old now, and still sturdy as ever. Quite possibly the best £3 I've spent on anything, ever.
The black dress on the right looked wonderful on the hanger at H&M, but I brought it home and tried it on, and it just looked awful on me. Yes, that's why the absurd cropping of this photograph: it's just way too ick to show you. The fabric that should flow down in front of my tummy just poofs out in the most unflattering manner, and I am seriously considering either returning it, or doing some serious DIY. I'm not sure what H&M's return policy is on sale items, though. Euch, I've had better luck shopping online than I've had with H&M today! That says a lot, considering H&M is probably my favourite high street store.

Right! That's the end of that ridiculously long post. I haven't slept in about thirty-six hours now (if I've done the maths right... which, let's face it, I most likely haven't) and my body is exhausted from all the walking around we did today, so I'm off to get some much needed shut-eye.

I hope you had a great Friday night, and that your weekend's even better.
Until next time, cuties.

- Anshika



  1. Loving the lipstick color. Bad-Ass.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment! =)
    I am now following you!

  3. Yoo two are to cute ! Love the make-up and the hair ! I follow u <3

    Xoxo | Chloé


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