Saturday, 13 October 2012

Twelve and photoheavy.

I haven't been out much lately, and whenever I have I've been too busy/unable/forgotten to take photos of what I've been wearing- not that it's been anything terribly fancy anyway. But last night I took pupsicle #1 for a walk, and dug out my vintage 550's just to have something easy to chuck on. Bad move on my part, since I discovered how not warm denim is upon leaving the house, and how not warm the weather was outside. They did make for the perfect lounging-around-in bottoms, though- despite the fact that they couldn't be further from stretchy. Anyway, I threw on a couple of different layers with them, and when I got back I got snap happy with my webcam. (I would use my proper camera, but it's a pain to edit such large files- plus, it ain't as though the lighting's anything special either!) Anyway, enough with my rambling, and on to the photos- all the details of where things are from will be at the bottom of this post, as per usual.

Camouflage tank top, sweatshirt, Levi's = thrifted
Ankh + yin/yang necklaces, nose hoops, black crop top = eBay
Embellished crop top = DIY/boutique
Faux fur vest = gifted (originally from Dorothy Perkins)
Leather jacket = Next
On my lips = Wet 'N' Wild's "Cherry Bomb"


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