Saturday, 16 November 2013

kick, snare, hat, ride

i've been ill all of this week- but i had to go pick up my new medication so since these dungarees arrived from ROKIT i decided to diy them a little and make them slightly more me... they're originally winnie the pooh overalls, but in a 50" waist (???) so they definitely needed some customising. i think i did okay!

the sweatshirt i'm wearing is from a charity shop but the label tells me it's originally from george at asda in a size s... not bad! i just needed something super cosy to go to dinner / walk around in without a coat because where we eat is a two minute walk from where we live and coats can get too faffy. 

hopefully i'll be all better soon- i have so much to catch up on in terms of university work that i don't really know where to begin! 

see you babes soon. xo


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