Wednesday, 9 November 2011

College is draining me.

I haven't really had time for much else apart from my UCAS application at the minute, with a bunch of coursework thrown in, and it's got me super stressed lately; I haven't really had the time or inclination to dress myself in anything more than basic skinny jeans and jumpers... much less blog about it. But since I'm trying to take this blogging thing seriously, I figured I might as well. So this is what I wore yesterday to college:

Jumper, bag = vintage
Shirt = vintage with DIY studded collar
Jeans = Primark
Boots = one of those little nondescript boutique stores
Watch = Nike
Rings = eBay + Matalan

 Hope you're all well- and thank you to my new followers! I didn't expect anybody to really take a second look at this blog, but it means lots that you guys do. 

Anshika xo



  1. oh, your ring is really adorable! :) i love your blog. can you kindly check out mine? I would really appreciate it, thanks<3

  2. I love the detailing on the collar! x


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