Saturday, 5 November 2011

I can't seem to dress myself for the night without looking over the top.

I've just got home from a meal out with the family- if you're ever in the mood for an Indian, and you just happen to be in Southampton, Coriander Lounge in the heart of town is the place to go. The food's as authentic as we've been able to find in Southampton (with only one exception) and it's always really yum. 

Anyway, as my title suggests, dressing myself for dinner out was a challenge- I can't do semi-casual very well. After trying on three different outfits, I finally settled on the third. Mostly due to the fact that we were running late and needed to leave when I got the third one on. Here it is:

Denim dress = originally belonged to my best friend, but she's recently given it to me since I'm the only one that wears it anyway!
Knitted vest = Matalan
Watch = Nike
Ankle boots (that you can't even see), coat = vintage
Earring = DIY
On my lips = Collection 2000's "Volume Sensation" line, shade #3/Ruby Red (possibly my favourite ever shade of red!)

It was a really good evening, and now I'm off to play "Buzz" with my family (which I find such a chore, and still ended up winning the last two times we played!) and eat homemade apple & pear crumble. God, the calories.

Hope you're having a wonderful Bonfire Night. I'm afraid of fireworks, so I'm glad we didn't go watch them anywhere, or worse, do our own little fireworks display, but let me know if you did! 


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  1. you look great! think you pulled off an amazing dinner-out ensemble <3


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