Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another all-nighter.

I'm so sorry for doing these so late at night- I bet none of you even see this or any of my other outfits, because they're posted so late. Oopsie!

I'll get straight into it- this is what I wore today!

Floral waistcoat = vintage
Velvet skirt = Primark
Shirt = vintage with DIY studded collar

On my lips = Collection 2000's "Ruby Red"

Watch = Nike
Red string bracelet = eBay

Chelsea boots = eBay

Today I've just been sorting out overdue bits and pieces of coursework, as well as my CVQ work placement... which begins tomorrow (er, today) morning! I'm volunteering as part of one of my college courses at a secondary school, in the English department, as a teaching assistant. I'm so so nervous! That's probably why I'm not in bed right now, even though I'm so sleepy- my nervousness has got me all panicky and flustered. Boooo. 

Anyway, I'll probably let you know how it went with my next outfit post (which will hopefully be later today), so look out for that if you're interested. Wish me luck!





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