Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Frozen but warm.

Hey, darlings! As usual, I'm sorry about the long delays between posts: I'm just either totally drained of energy, or have no time, or both, lately. This week isn't likely to get much better, unfortunately. I have so much to do! Christmas shopping, universitythings, college coursework deadlines- ugh

Anyway, I kind of liked my outfit today (although mainly I think I just love the shirt ridiculous amounts and wear it pretty much every other day) so I figured I might as well show you it, especially as it's been a while since my last post. Here you are!

Shirt = vintage (Marlboro Classics)
Leather jacket = Next
Chelsea boots = eBay
Black bodycon skirt = Internacionale
Scarf = from ages ago / from India

At college this morning, one of my friends had decided that I dress "indie", so he did yet another 'photoshoot' using me as his model, along with another one of our friends, and this is what I was wearing: I didn't realise I dressed "indie"!? What does that even really mean?
Anyway, we went through the photos afterwards, and some of them came out really great, so I might just post them on here once/if I get access to them, somehow! My blog might just see something other than shoddy webcam quality for once, ha!
Right, I'm off to bed now: night, my lovelies! Have a great week, and wrap up and keep warm! 

- Anshika


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