Friday, 16 December 2011

I went overboard.

As you can probably tell from the amount of photographs in this post, I went a bit snap-happy tonight. I think I need that from time to time, in all fairness. It's very therapeutic.
In other news: I'm finally off for two weeks for Christmas. I am so glad I get some time off college now- it was getting a bit too stressful for me to deal with, in all honesty. I definitely need this break!
Anyway, here's on to the outfit (and hey look!~ there's proper, high-quality-ish photographs thrown in there too!):


Because this post is so picture-heavy, I didn't want to mess with the flow by adding my usual "item = where I got it" thing as captions. Instead, I'll list them here:

Multicoloured knit waistcoat/vest = vintage (originally from really old New Look- the logo's ancient!)
Long black shirt worn as dress/tunic = vintage
Black bodycon skirt (barely visible) = Internacionale
Gold bangle bracelet = Matalan (I think!)
Black and gold ring = Christmas present from my first ever secret Santa!
Red string bracelet = eBay
Earrings = they're all from an assortment of places, but I know that the black spikey hoop was from Claire's Accessories, and the green wrapped earring was part of a Christmas present from one of my best friends.
Belt = I genuinely have no idea where this is from- mum gave me it! Sorry!
Chelsea boots = eBay
Brown barbour-esque coat = vintage
On my lips (in a couple of the photographs) = my usual Collection 2000's "Ruby Red" (#3)

Now that this ridiculously lard post is done with, I'm going to finish my chicken soup and maybe catch up on Hollyoaks and Misfits and The Secret Circle! I have so much to get done in these two weeks that I don't think I'll get very much rest at all- because, obviously, catching up on your favourite shows is such a chore, ha!

Anyway, wrap up warm, stay safe and have a brilliant weekend, darlings. Au revoir~!

- Anshika


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  1. This is an awesome look - especially love the vest! Your eyes are so pretty in the gif :)


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