Friday, 23 March 2012

Hot like Mexico.

Aloha, cuties. It's been the warmest day of the year so far, with the temperature hitting a high of about seventeen or eighteen degrees this afternoon on the south coast. So, in true British fashion, I did what everyone else in the country does on a hot day- go all summery and wear bright colours and minimal clothing. Only I'm not too comfortable with entirely minimal clothing, so here's my take on dressing for the summer.

Shirt, crop top = thrifted
Shorts = DIY thrifted
Backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins)
Tights = Primark
Chelsea Boots = eBay
Statement silver collar necklace = Primark
Other necklaces = Topman, from my parents on my 18th
Now I'm just sitting in my conservatory and attempting to de-stress. All your lovely posts are helping with that.

See you soon, babies! 

- Anshika


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