Monday, 19 March 2012

Double denim.

Aloha. I was feeling decidedly retro today and felt like a nineties throwback was in order. So I got out my fleece-lined denim jacket and paired it with my usual DIY vintage denim shorts.

Shirt, shorts = vintage
Denim jacket = thrifted (originally River Island)
Tights = Primark (and they're ripped already ;( )
Cropped bralette = Primark
Chelsea boots = eBay
Wooden cross necklace = eBay
Wrapped green stone necklace = Dorothy Perkins
Long vine earring = Primark (SUCH a bargain, ugh- it was £4!)
On my lips = Collection 2000's "Ruby Red"

Just a quick post tonight, cuties. I've had ridiculous deadlines today and it was no fun, but at least it's one less subject to worry about! A media deadline this Thursday, and then I'm pretty much sorted with most of my coursework. I can't wait; I can't believe college is nearly done. Just a couple more months to go, and I'm a free woman. Sort of. Of course, I'll have to find myself a job, finally. Bleugh. But I'm looking forward to the financial independence (re: buying stupid amounts of clothes). 

Anyway, hope you've had a not-too-gloomy Monday, babies. See you in my next post!

- Anshika


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