Sunday, 18 March 2012


Hey beauties.

I'm still awaiting that remote control, but in the mean time, I played a (not so fun) game of tag with my camera and settled for self-timer to get these shots. That's also why they're pretty rubbish in comparison to some of my older photos. Also, I've been eating horribly over the last few months, and doing no exercise because it's so ridiculously cold, so I've put on silly amounts of weight, and it shows- especially in these photographs. I'm really hoping to start getting a bit more exercise in once the weather begins to get warmer so that I can go back to my original, relatively healthy weight.

Glittery shirt, coat, backpack, belt = vintage
Skater dress = New Look
Chelsea boots = eBay
Watch = Chopard
This was just what I wore the other day to college; I've had the glittery shirt for a while, but never worn it out as it's super short and pretty clingy- something a full-chested girl should really stay away from! But after putting on this plain navy skater dress I bought just the day before, I needed something to glam it up a bit with... and the sparkly top seemed like just the thing! I wore it tucked into my favourite belt to make the whole thing a bit more high-waisted- although in hindsight, I probably should've worn it tucked out, really. My short torso doesn't deal well with high-waisted anything.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have my remote control thingy soon so that I can be snap happy much more efficiently. Until then, wrap up and stay safe, cuties.

- Anshika


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  1. A. These pics are not rubbish... trust me! I am no professional blogger with an amazing photographer so I have to settle on self timer pics a lot! You look great! Don't worry about the pics =)

    B. Love your bag!


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