Friday, 18 May 2012

I've been trying not to notice.

Gkjhdfglskjga! It's been far, far too long for me to come back and say "oh, oops, sorry!" and well, for that, I'm sorry. Really. I have exams coming up soon (like, really soon) and things have been a bit crazy recently. I've been taking photographs as and when I've been able to/have had enough energy to, but been either too lazy or too unmotivated or too busy to actually make posts with them. So instead, I figured I'd post a couple of my outfits (and some photographs I took for fun, of course!) that I've been wearing over the past month that just didn't make it onto this blog.

Everything thrifted

Black lace shirt = vintage
Black bodycon skirt = Internacionale
Watch = Nike

Jumper, shorts = thrifted
Watch = Chopard
Rings = India, stepdad's

Sons of Anarchy t-shirt = stepdad's
Black disco pant dupes = India

Blouse = TK Maxx
Skirt = vintage + DIY
Necklace = Accessorize
Watch = Tissoni
Ring = H&M

Coat = thrifted
Jumper = Primark (I think!)
Dress (worn as tunic, just about visible) = H&M
Black disco pant dupes = India

Bomber jacket = vintage
Top = TK Maxx
Black jumpsuit = New Look
Nude strappy heels = India
Backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins)
Turband = ASOS

Oversized shirt = vintage
Backpack = eBay (originally Dorothy Perkins)
Black bodycon skirt = H&M
Chelsea boots = eBay

Phew! There you are, then, beauties. All done. Lots of outfits, but still not nearly enough considering how long it's been since I've updated this ruddy thing.

I have a proper outfit post coming up in the next couple of days, although I can't promise to be very regular right now what with all the revision stress currently ongoing.

See you soon, cuties!



  1. I love all these pics, and definitely your nose ring. Something so "edgy" about them, and sorry for saying edgy I kind of hate the over-usage of that word! Loving the head wrap!

  2. Girl you know how to dress yourself ! I really like it :)

    Xoxo | Chloé


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