Thursday, 5 July 2012

glow in the dark arrow in the heart

Polka dot crop top = DIY
High-waisted yellow slouchy trousers = thrifted
Choker = gifted (but from Dorothy Perkins! + DIY'd)
On my lips = Rimmel London's "Exaggerate" lipliner in #064 "Obsession" + Revlon's  #015 "Grape"
Heels = thrifted

Just a quick one today, darlings. I made this crop top from an old dress that I didn't really wear any more (and another, but maybe that'll feature here some other time!) so all in all, I'd reckon it's a pretty good deal. I just went for it and hacked off the bottom haphazardly since I wasn't exactly going to wear the dress as it was anyway. I think it worked out okay! And way better than paying some £30 odd quid for Topshop/AA crop tops, right? That's what I thought. Until next time, babies. 

 - Anshika



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